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Kavita Lohano, MBBS, MD MSc. PA-C

Family Medicine located in New Albany, IN

Dr. Kavita Lohano, MD, MSc, PA Internal Medicine Physician Assistant

Dr. Kavita Lohano is a compassionate and dedicated Internal Medicine Physician Assistant with a strong commitment to patient-centered care. With a multicultural perspective and a diverse range of experiences in healthcare, Dr. Lohano brings a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and empathy to her practice.

Born and raised in a rural area of Pakistan, Dr. Kavita Lohano overcame societal barriers to pursue her dream of becoming a healthcare provider. Her upbringing and early experiences in a developing country instilled in her a deep understanding of working with limited resources and a diverse population. This fostered her sincere desire to be a compassionate ally to her patients and provide them with the highest level of care possible.

After completing her medical school education in Pakistan, Dr. Kavita Lohano immigrated to the United States with her husband and family. She immersed herself in the American healthcare system, gaining valuable insights through clinical externships in various specialties such as psychiatry, nephrology, infectious disease, and family medicine. These experiences broadened her understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by healthcare providers in the United States. Dr. Kavita Lohano is certified by Educational commision of foreign medical graduates by passing her medical licensing exams USMLE steps. 

Driven by her passion for research and evidence-based medicine, Dr. Lohano pursued a Masters in Clinical Investigation Sciences at the University of Louisville. During this time, she honed her research skills, collaborated with renowned professors as mentors, and published papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented posters at scientific society meetings.

Continuing her medical career, Dr. Lohano enrolled in the Masters in Physician Assistant program at Sullivan University. Now a licensed Physician Assistant practicing in New Albany, she brings her expertise and dedication to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to a diverse patient population.

Passionate about being a caregiver, counselor, and educator, Dr. Kavita Lohano is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of her patients and becoming a respected contributor in the field of healthcare.