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Women's Health at Premier Primary Care

At Premier Primary Care, we offer many Women's Health services which are listed below. 

1. Annual Women's wellness including breast exam and Cervical cancer screening (pap spear)

2. We can order your Mammogram and send to imaging place of your choice and will follow up with you regarding your results. 

3. We offer STD screening and treatment in office. 

4. We can discuss and treat postpartum anxiety and depression

5. Birth control counseling and prescriptions including oral contraception, Nexplanon subdermal implant, Depo-Provera injection, natural family planning

6. Pre-conception counseling and care

7. Urinary tract infections

8. Yeast infections and Bacterial vaginosis diagnosis and treatment 

9. Irregular and/or painful menstrual bleeding evaluation

10. Women's sexual issues

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