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Planning a Successful Visit with Your Doctor for Your Diabetes Mellitus:

Planning a Successful Visit with Your Doctor for Your Diabetes Mellitus:

Diabetes is a complex chronic disease that requires a team-based approach for effective management. But who is the most vital member of this team? That is you, the patient! So, what are some simple things you can do to get the most out of your office visit? Here are some tips…

❖ Make your appointment at a time that you will not be distracted or preoccupied. Silence your phone and focus solely on becoming a healthier you.

❖ Take the time prior to your visit to write down your questions or concerns so you can talk with your provider about any parts of your plan of care that are not working for you or you are having difficulty with.

❖ If your provider has ordered lab tests, try to get those done a few days prior to your appointment but if you cannot, keep your appointment anyway. Many patients cancel their appointment if they have not had time to do the labs. This can turn into a vicious cycle of missed appointments and missed opportunities to improve your health. If you do have to miss an appointment for any reason, try to reschedule as soon as possible even if you will not be able to have your labs done ahead of time.

❖ Bring blood sugars records and/or your glucometer to the visit. Blood sugar records make it easy to identify patterns and your provider can better customize your treatment plan. Seeing the actual numbers is so much more helpful for providers instead of you saying the results are high, low, or all over the place.

❖ Bring all your medicines (prescriptions, over the counter, supplements) or an up-to-date list of your medications. This is very important in the prevention of adverse drug interactions. Also be honest about your medications. If you are not taking some due to cost, side effects, or other concerns, tell your provider this so they can help.

❖ Discuss your goals with your provider. If your goals are different, you could end up on two very different paths. Think of your provider as your GPS. Just like you need to enter a specific address into your GPS to reach your destination, you need to be specific with your provider about what you able and willing to do to manage your diabetes. Your provider should be respectful of your goals and be able to explain the reason for theirs. You should be able to come to an agreement that will ensure you both are traveling in the same direction.

❖ At the end of your visit, ask your provider to recap two or three specific things you can work on that will have the most impact on your overall health.

For your health you are part of healthcare team and in fact you are leader/driver of the team. You should hold everyone on the team accountable for the best outcomes.

We at Premier Primary Care work with you and involve you as one of the team members to make best decisions for your health and its outcomes. We invite you to an exceptional patient experience and highest quality of care for your Diabetes and other health conditions.

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