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Premier Primary Care-Passion for Putting Patients First

Are you ever frustrated when you wake up sick and call your primary care provider only to find out that they cannot see you for another several weeks? Are you looking for a New patient consult in the New Albany area with a provider who will not only see you when you are healthy but also when you are sick? You've found the right place! We make sure that our patients have access to us the same day or next day that they call! You should not have to see a provider you do not know at an urgent care clinic. Patients deserve to be seen by the provider they are comfortable with when they need it and not just for routine scheduled follow ups. 

We have 3 amazing providers in our office ready to schedule your New patient consult today! Our providers are Dr. Suresh Lohano, Family Nurse Practitioner Taylor Thomas, and Physician's Assistant Kavita Lohano. A quick look at our Google reviews, Kareo reviews, or reviews here on our site will assure you that we have some of the best providers in the area! Looking for the best physician in the area? Our patients and reviews will tell you that you will find him here! Looking for the best Family Nurse Practitioner in New Albany to take care of your needs? Taylor Thomas, APRN, FNP-c is ready to see you today and her patients will always feel like she is a friend! Needing the perfect Physician's Assistant to listen to you and care for you? Kavita Lohano, PA-c is ready to take care of you today! 

We care about our patients and spending quality time with each of them. You will not feel rushed in our office and the time you spend with our providers will be personal and tailored to your needs. There are several ways you can book with us. Call us at 812-250-1818. Text us at 812-871-4067. Online at We are providing new patient consults, as well as same day visits to our patients. We will accept sick walk ins as well! Why go to urgent care when you can get your primary care and urgent care in the same place! We are ready to serve you! 

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